Hie. I'm Edmund Mlala

S o f t w a r e   D e v e l o p e r

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Edmund Mlala

Skills and Experience

PHP - Web development in the PHP language. From simple procedural PHP to Laravel PHP framework

JAVA - In JAVA development, I am competent in system development of (java mobile and desktop applications) JavaSE

Extra Skills also include: Wordpress, Excel and Linux Server Management (Ubuntu and Centos)

System Design

I develop applications of all sizes and complexity, starting from mobile applications to Desktop Applications

Web Design

I can create websites, on application and registration forms for schools and businesses

Expert Advisor Development

I develop Expert Advisors for Forex traders and market analysts, who use the MT4 trading platform. Get in touch

My Portfolio

Bold Chemicals Zimbabwe
Red Blood Media
Boarding Schools South Africa
Supply Management
Elearning G.I.S.T
ICAZ Learning
Matric Rewrite
Taal-Net Schools
Chartered Accountants Academy

Get In Touch

  • edmund@emlala.co.za
  • dev@emlala.co.za
  • +(263) 29 2483138
  • +(263) 777 815 831